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Title: Pet Health Checkup Kit


Pet Health Checkup-4 month refill (4 test strips) in a re-sealable package. Refills save money on repeat testing. Each return visit to a veterinarian would cost the exam, urinalysis, and perhaps additional fees to equal $100-200 per recheck vs. $5-7 per the TEST@HOME refill.

The Pet Health Checkup-at home urine test kit is an easy, convenient, & inexpensive yet accurate way to check your pet's health as well as a solution to pet urination problems in the home, cat litter training issues, and housetraining for puppies and kittens. If your dog is marking furniture or carpets in the house or your cat is spraying and not using the litter box, we help determine if your pet has a health problem(much sooner than if you waited to see a veterinarian).

Pet Health Checkup-4 month refill (4 test strips) in a re-sealable package. •Easy to do-just place the test strip in the urine on the floor, etc., wait 60 seconds, then compare to the color chart provided. •Save time and money on equally accurate urine tests-same test strips used in our licensed Vet Lab. •Refill saves money on repeat testing. Save time and money with no repeat trips to your veterinarian.


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