Jonny Cat Original Maximum Odor Control Clay Cat Litter

Title: 10-lb


Jonny Cat Formula Fresh Scented Clay Cat Litter with Baking Soda starts working immediately to provide dependable and long-lasting odor control, leaving your home fresh and clean around the clock.

Jonny Cat Formula Fresh Scented Clay Cat Litter contains highly absorbent clay that quickly locks in moisture. Once the litter is exposed to moisture it releases a clean, fresh scent. Jonny Cat Formula Fresh Scented Clay Cat Litter works hard to keep your cat litter box dry and smelling fresh creating a comfortable environment for your cat and easy maintenance for you.

* Safe for use as litter for cats.
* Antimicrobial formula prevents bacteria from growing and multiplying for maximum odor control.
* Highly absorbent clay locks in moisture for a tidy, dry litterbox.
* Releases a fresh scent for a clean-smelling home.

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